Gourmet Taco Wedding Catering

Once upon a time the mere thought of hiring a taco caterer for a wedding would send Aunt Mary clutching her pearls in horror.  *Gasp!*

However, we here at Weddings by Taco (the same fine folks that run Sacramento’s Best Taco Catering would like to assure you – and Aunt Mary – that our gourmet taco catering carts can help bring the occasion to a higher, more elegant (yet delicious) level.

All of our spotless carts are clean, modern and eye-poppingly beautiful to look at.

Our good looking, clean cut cooks always come to the event sporting professional chef jackets and are ready to serve with a smile.

And, most importantly, our exquisite gourmet taco recipes burst with more flavor than most unfortunately over-priced, wedding banquet food.  (Rubbery chicken anyone?)

So, whether you’re having an engagement party, a bridal shower or a  wedding reception - and you actually want your guests to like the food – give Sacramento Weddings by Taco a call and we’ll be more than happy to make your event deliciously memorable. Please keep us in mind for that beautiful, special Day.

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